Why Taking Photographs Matters to Me

So, while I’m kept busy learning the “how” of photography. You know, taking pictures, making mistakes, I’ve also spent some time and money learning about WordPress, web hosting and plugins as well as various other ways of spending money.

That led me to ask if I was getting a good return for the investment of my time and money, to which the answer, after two years, two hosting companies and a pretty decent attempt at self-hosting, is a resounding “no”.

My intention with photography has always been to generate some form of income from it and there are various organisational frameworks I’m using to explore potential revenue streams of which this site is a part. Underlying this though, is a deeper question, apart from the obvious financial answer, why am I doing this? This prompted some thinking and I’m still working it out. Luckily, I found a podcast that asks this question, at the United Nations of Photography 

Thinking on this, I realise that the answer differs slightly, depending on the intention of the shoot. When I am working for you, I translate what you want into a frozen moment that best represents what you wish to convey to your clients, potential and actual. On a personal project, the experience is not filtered, I attempt to convey the feelings that I am experiencing, having chosen to be in that place, at that time, with those people, even if they are unaware of my proximity and view. This is a projection of my personal experience of ageing as I progress in the latter half of my life.

Inspiration comes from the photographic work of Robert Frank, Robert Adams, Setefano Perego, Iñigo Bujedo Aguirre, Roberto Conte, Arseniy Kotov, Austin Granger, Christopher Herwig, and many others.

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