Lockdown Ghosts

As the UK comes out of what’s felt like a period of hibernation, I’ve been on a couple of trips. The first was to London for architectural purposes and while on this, I became aware that I felt like I was still in a bubble. There were (some) people around me, but I felt disconnected and a bit alone. Those who know me, know this isn’t an unusual state for me to be in but this was different. It’s almost like those around me were all acting out what they *should* be doing, going through the motions as if they weren’t really there. So, the idea of ghosts came to mind.

The place I visit most regularly is Bath, in the South West UK. It’s a popular tourist destination, and I’ve had the good fortune to live there for a good chunk of my life. I had to visit the centre to pick something up and had decided that taking the camera with me to get some pictures with a new ND filter was a good idea. Could I capture the feeling? I think I might have.