The Queue

Four letters following the important one lead me to London to take pictures.

As usual, though, it’s never about the first thing that comes to mind with me. I’m a republican with a small ‘r’, I like the thought of a monarchy based on a more European idea, something like the Dutch or Danish idea of a reduced familial footprint focussed on low-key ceremonial functions rather than full-on pomp and pageantry.

So why did I want to go and have a look?

It wasn’t to join, although I did walk to the start. When I heard the news of the death, I connected it to my mother’s death some years ago. The “stages” are there, they have been processed several times but still, a vestige of the grief remains and seeing the spectrum of responses from people – from angry swearing about the institution to tears about the death, let me think that I might use this as a proxy to see how my personal grief was resting.

Unsurprisingly, I was moved by the whole process. The instantaneous transfer of power on the day itself, through the steamroller of the constitutional process, to the volume of people proceeding in a stop/start way from Southwark Park to Westminster. I’m glad I was a small part of it. My own personal grief persists and it felt good to connect with people who looked like they were feeling everything I had felt over the years.

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