Style and Vision

Understanding why I do what I do is important to me and I’ve been spending time trying to develop some further understanding of why I do it. So, this is part two of an earlier post where I started to examine the question.

I’ve mentioned that there is a torrent of information (pictures, reviews, tips, how-tos’ and never-ending lists) that I am aware of and try to remain abreast of which means I look at about 120 different articles a day. Today, I was looking through my collection of these (I use to collect and collate links) and picked out a video entitled “How To Find Your Style In Photography” by Pat Kay. This led me to another one of his, called “The REAL Secret To Get Better At Photography – Vision“. These two have helped me make a little more sense of how I currently work and what I’d like to achieve by talking about how these elements can be combined and how that leads to learning the language of visual storytelling. 

I was going to say that it’s like learning a new language but it really feels like learning how to talk again.

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