Finding a voice


I try to think about why I’ve started to take pictures and share them. It seems to fall into two areas that are interconnected and equally important. First, there is the learning of a new set of skills: the selection of the right tools and their technical manipulation in order to create pictures that competently transmit information. Second, what is the information I’m trying to impart? What am I trying to “say”? This is tricky for me, as at the moment I tend to take pictures instinctively without being sure of why I want to take the shot.

This, coupled with my hypervigilance leads to a lot of very similar pictures and slows things down a lot – even to the extent that I travel with too much equipment as I’m constantly aware that I may miss that ‘perfect’ shot because I don’t have the zoom or wide-angle lens with me. Post-shoot, it means I can be daunted by the thought of wading through a pile of pictures to weed out the rubbish – I averaged 400 pictures a day on my last trip to Amsterdam.

What do I want to say?

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