Geoff Dunham Photography: Blog en-us (C) Geoff Dunham Photography (Geoff Dunham Photography) Mon, 15 Nov 2021 11:49:00 GMT Mon, 15 Nov 2021 11:49:00 GMT Geoff Dunham Photography: Blog 68 120 Inspirations #15 - all over again by Maria Corriera Blinding white with a contrasting black photographer and their shadow. The scale of the lines in the wall behind and the cracks the floor draw the eye as does the seating. The juxtaposition of whites of the black with a minimal amount of grey heightens the impact of the lack of colour and gives the photograph real punch. Via Maria Correia at 500px.



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Inspirations #14 - Surf Inspiration has been difficult to find recently. My day job requires a lot of physical energy and is draining, which is why its called "work", I guess. My camera comes with me every day but it is tricky to switch from a very task oriented role into something creative but I'll keep going! This picture by Hengki Koentjoro is a bit of a reflection of my current mood - grey, washed out and distant. As usual, it comes from 500px and can be found here.

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Inspirations #13 - Two shadows Continuing the theme of tension in travelling...

]]> (Geoff Dunham Photography) 500px inspiration people street urban Thu, 21 Oct 2021 07:00:00 GMT Inspirations #12 - Underground No. 10 I've been thinking about motion/travel a lot recently. I love the feeling of potential in this photo, the tension between knowing where I am and the uncertainty of what lies around the corner, or above ground when I emerge.

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From the Archives #1 - Amsterdam, January 2020 My last trip to Amsterdam was deliberately timed to be at the point that the UK (or the majority of it) left the EU at the end of January 2020. Ever since I've been aware that we , as a country, were part of something bigger than ourselves, I have felt European and I still do, despite our current political status. As a member of Generation X, I've grown up without that feeling of a loss of empire or the sense of a martial victory over our closest neighbours that seem to afflict the generation prior to mine - the 'boomers'. What has this got to do with this picture? I was there for four days and during that time, I discovered where three of the tracks went and only one of the roads. It was taken on my first night in the hotel, having arrived earlier that evening. My sense of loss at the time had filled me with sadness and I felt as if the separation was permanent and total, leading to a more monochromatic view of the world. Looking back at it now, it is neither of those, things are only more difficult and challenging than they have been. I'll be back!

Amsterdam 20200129 - View from a HotelAmsterdam 20200129 - View from a Hotel

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Style and Vision Understanding why I do what I do is important to me and I've been spending time trying to develop some further understanding of why I do it. So, this is a part two of an earlier post where I started to examine the question.

I've mentioned that there is a torrent of information (pictures, reviews, tips, how-tos' and never-ending lists) that I am aware of and try to remain abreast of which means I look at about 120 different articles a day. Today, I was looking through my collection of these (I use to collect and collate links) and picked out a video entitled "How To Find Your Style In Photography" by Pat Kay. This led me to another one of his, called "The REAL Secret To Get Better At Photography - Vision". These two have helped me make a little more sense of how I currently work and what I'd like to achieve by talking about how these elements can be combined and how that leads to learning the language of visual storytelling. 

I was going to say that it's like learning a new language but it really feels like learning how to talk again.

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Inspirations #11 - Misty Docks A street shot from Constantin-Andrei Rusu at 500px. Attracted to it because this is my internal feeling if/when I'm running.

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Inspirations #10 - Balcony Today's selection from 500px, courtesy of  Trystan Zhou. Love the way the rooms cascade and the framing hinting that they're following the contours of a hill

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Inspirations #9 - Bright Sun Another one from 500px, courtesy of Hans-Wolfgang Hawerkamp. The light, shade and symmetry make this is a really interesting composition. When I looked closely at it, I saw that the curtains were arranged in exactly the same way in seven of the windows...

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Inspirations #8 - New building minimalism The latest in the firehose of pictures that inspire me. I like the way that abstract shots of buildings invite me to look at the details and imperfections of the subject. Via Alex Polli at 500px.

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Inspirations #7 - Chasing light in HK What is life in a light well like? I'd like to ask her what it's like. Via Vitaly Tyuk at 500px.

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Inspirations #6 - 节日红 These two look like they're escaping from a consumerist paradise/purgatory but my inspiration comes from the colour and angle the infrastructure is shot from. Via 道听图说2021 at 500px.

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Inspirations #5 - Two I love urban photography, particularly when it involves light, shade, people and concrete. There's a tangible invitation to feel the impact of this environment on those people but its interesting to sort the empathy from the projection. Via Charles Lafrance at 500px

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Inspirations #4 - FOX This has it all; bokeh, motion, colour, beauty. Via Сергей Цыбульский at 500px.

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Personal project - Shaftesbury, Dorset Learning photography while living in the sticks has been a bit of a challenge. I've listened to the advice telling me to shoot whatever is around me and, as I travel to Shaftesbury at least a couple of times a week, a significant chunk of my archive is made up of pictures of this Saxon hilltop town. I always try to travel with purpose, remaining observant and have noticed that maintaining a heightened level of awareness of my situation, the composition, lighting, and camera settings while being in the moment might be relaxing at some point. 

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Inspirations #3 - The Passerby The next in a series of pictures that inspire me. The blurring of the person contrasted with the solidity of the pavement and building but reflected in the sunlight and shadows cast...

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Inspirations #2 The next in a series of pictures that inspire me. There is a torrent of media being created and uploaded all day, every day. This one caught my eye as an example of how valuable infrastructure can be funded and of course, its brutal. The leading lines, the colour and the wood grain all draw my eye to the footbridge itself; I'm left wondering what's on the other side.

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Aspiration There have been a few times when I’ve come across something so far beyond what I feel I can achieve with what I have that I want to throw my hands up and ask myself “what’s the point?”. When I came across @northern_friend on Instagram, this was one of those moments.


Go and have a look at, and maybe buy the book

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Why taking pictures matters to me So, while I’m kept busy learning the “how” of photography. You know, taking pictures, making mistakes, I’ve also spent some time and money learning about WordPress, web hosting and plugins as well as various other ways of spending money.

That led me to ask if I was getting a good return for the investment for my time and money, to which the answer, after two years, two hosting companies and a pretty decent attempt at self-hosting, is a resounding “no”.

My intention with photography has always been to generate some form of income from it and there’s various organisational frameworks I’m using to explore potential revenue streams of which this site is a part. Underlying this though, is a deeper question, apart from the obvious financial answer, why am I doing this? This prompted some thinking and I’m still working it out. Luckily, I found a podcast that asks this question, at the United Nations of Photography 

Thinking on this, I realise that the answer differs slightly, depending on the intention of the shoot. When I am working for you, I translate what you want in to a frozen moment that best represents what you wish to convey to your clients, potential and actual. On a personal project, the experience is not filtered, I attempt to convey the feelings that I am experiencing, having chosen to be in that place, at that time, with those people, even if they are unaware of my proximity and view. This is a projection of my personal experience of ageing as I progress in the latter half of my life.

Inspiration comes from the photographic work of Robert Frank, Robert Adams, Setefano Perego, Iñigo Bujedo Aguirre, Roberto Conte, Arseniy Kotov, Austin Granger, Christopher Herwig, and many others.

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