Hi, meet Geoff Dunham, creating the photographs to help you promote your business in Salisbury, Wiltshire and the surrounding area. I supply services to small businesses, specialising in reportage, real estate and urban architectural photography.


Created by a photographer who takes the time to understand your goals and the investment you’ve made in your product or service, what you get is material that can be used across websites, social and printed media to help enhance and solidify your brand identity. This leads to greater engagement generating increased leads, bookings and sales.


This site is a showcase of the way photographs can capture the surrounding environment and how it affects those inhabiting it. Mostly made under natural light and with minimal  post-processing, this creates a sense of realism, showcasing the best of what’s available.


Geoff Dunham Photography: Capturing the qualities at the heart of your business and products: creativity, quality, individuality, service, and value.